BursaKakis Channel :
M+ Online Morning Buzz – 11Nov16

Dow Jones: 18,807.88 pts (+218.19pts, +1.17%)
Follow-through buying interest continues to boost the U.S. stockmarkets higher and the Dow marked another fresh all-time-high as traders anticipate that Donald Trump’s policies such as lower income tax rates may benefit the economy amid increased consumer spending.

FBM KLCI: 1,652.74 pts (+5.12pts, +0.31%)
As the overseas markets ended on the bullish tone, we may expect mild spill over effect on Bursa Malaysia – the FBM KLCI’s upside may be capped around the 1,660-1,670 levels.

Crude Palm Oil: RM2,894 (+RM49, +1.72%)
Crude palm oil gained traction after October’s stockpiles in Malaysia grew at a slower-than-expected pace, coupled with gains in soybean and weaker Ringgit.

WTI Crude Oil: $44.66 (-$0.61, -1.12%)
Crude oil declined after retesting the US$46 level and is likely to consolidate within the range between the US$43-US$46 levels.

Gold: $1,259.20 (-$18.78, -1.29%)
Gold prices continue to trend on a negative tone as investors expect Trump’s policies to favour the U.S. economic outlook. Resistance will be set around US$1,300.

Economic Releases:
Malaysia – Malaysia Industrial Production – 11Nov16, 12:00PM
US – University of Michigan Consumer Index – 11Nov16, 11:00PM

Bursa Malaysia Trade Statistics – 10Nov16
Institutions: Net BUY 191.0 mln (61.1%)
Retail: Net SELL 74.3 mln (14.8%)
Foreign: Net SELL 116.7 mln (24.1%)

Potential Momentum Stocks – 11Nov16
Stock Name: TNLOGIS (8397)
Entry: Buy above RM1.72
Target: RM1.85 (7.6%), RM1.90 (10.5%)
Stop: RM1.64 (-4.7%)
Shariah: Yes
Technical: Potential flag formation breakout

Stock Name: SOLUTN (0093)
Entry: Buy above RM0.295
Target: RM0.32 (8.5%), RM0.33 (11.9%)
Stop: RM0.28 (-5.1%)
Shariah: Yes
Technical: Potential flag formation breakout

Source: Bloomberg, M+ Online

Uob Kay Hian Daily Top Pick, 11 Nov 2016

Elsoft, 0090
Close, 2.00
Buy TP, 2.18, 2.26
Support, 1.88
SL, 1.87

Time Frame, 2 Weeks to 3 Months

Superln, 7235
Close, 2.41
Buy, TP, 2.56, 2.79
Support, 2.35
SL, 2.34
Time frame 2 weeks to 2 months

Gcb, 5102
Close, 1.16
Buy TP, 1.33, 1.49
Support, 1.05
SL, 1.04
Time frame, 2 weeks to 2 months


As long ringgit is weakening, kindly focus those Trading Stocks by Sae Wai that benefit from the weakening ringgit.


Weakening Ringgit Benifactor :

Rubber company
1. Kossan
2. Topglov
3. Supermax

Fiber Boards
1. Hevea
2. Evergreen
3. Mieco

1. Pohuat
2. Homeriz
3. Latitud
4. Liihen

Computer chip,It
1. Unisem
2. Dufu
3. Inari
5. Jcy
6. Frontkn

1. Skpres
2. Hovid
3. Lcth
4. Opensys
5. Priva
6. Ifcamsc
7. Ghlsy
8. Mikromb
9. Bonia


The Bursa Analyst Channel:
Friday 11-November:

What a superb Thursday ! All stocks up. Today 11-11 alibaba.com will have a special sales. Efficien is related to Alibaba.com hence we will see this stock move Today or Monday.

USD/MYR and Oil prices are up up, so we focus on export and Oil counters.
Stocks to foucs:






TITIJAYA: This is suddenly caught my attention. HUGE volume. Price was pressed down, feels like something is coming! For more rumours check the comments here at i3: http://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/5239.jsp for this TITIJAYA good entry is : 1.78-1.80. TP: SKY is the LIMIT. Cut loss 1.75

Follow The Bursa Analyst Channel for potential stockpicks and daily update.



Reuters-U.S. banking sector shares on Thursday surged to levels not seen since the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, pushing the Dow to an all-time high, while technology shares sank as Wall Street rearranged its bets to benefit from Donald Trump’s presidency.

The S&P 500 financial sector .SPSY surged 3.70 percent to its highest since the 2008 financial crisis, bringing its gain since Trump’s surprise victory in Tuesday’s election to 7.9 percent, its biggest two-day gain since 2011.

Shares of Wells Fargo & Co (WFC.N) jumped 7.58 percent to their highest since January, and have now erased all of the losses incurred in the wake of a scandal over fake accounts opened by its employees. Bank of America (BAC.N) surged 4.40 percent and JPMorgan Chase (JPM.N) rallied 4.64 percent to a record high.

Trump has sided with leading conservatives in calling for the repeal of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act largely opposed by banks.

“The Trump campaign did say it would repeal Dodd-Frank. Rates are higher and the yield curve is steeper. Those are all good things for the banks,” said Warren West, principal at Greentree Brokerage Services in Philadelphia.

Apple (AAPL.O) dropped 2.79 percent while Amazon.com (AMZN.O) fell 3.82 percent and the S&P 500 technology index .SPLRCT fell 1.59 percent.

The Dow Jones industrial average .DJI jumped 1.17 percent to end at 18,807.88, smashing through its previous record high set in August by almost 1 percent.


Trump’s effect on Malaysia, MIDF Research

Short term relief for export oriented sectors as appreciation of USD post-election will normalise in early 2017.
Beneficial to the Glove Sector.

Palm oil sector and it’s stocks
Reliant on the domestic market are likely to be shielded from volatility.

Long term pain for Manufacturing, Logistics, Consumer and Pharmaceutical and Power sector
Trump wants American companies to bring back manufacturing jobs back to the US.

This will disrupt Apple’s global value chain including Malaysia’s semiconductor players and related sub contract manufactures.

Local semiconductor players could possibly lose some of their major clients hence face excess capacity in their plants.

Expected weakening of USD next year, will eliminate any Forex gain for local semiconductor .

Consumer and pharmaceutical products will become more expensive.

Restrictions over use of US intellectual property would adversely affect consumer electronics, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.

NEGATIVELY affect earnings of IHH Healthcare Bhd (TP: RM6.95) and KPJ Healthcare Bhd (TP: RM4.05).

NEGATIVELY affect property sector, due to its high beta value causing near term share price volatility.
(foreign investor selling)

Trump’s effect possibly put a dent on FTAs, including NAFTA and TPP.

Trade barriers against China over concerns on currency fixing, excessive government subsidies and use of US intellectual property.

Unsettle global trade could negatively impact the logistics and shipping businesses in the long term.

Affected companies could still strategize to shift their reliance from the US related businesses, focusing more on other regions, such as Asia-Europe and Intra-Asia trade lanes.

Westports Holdings Bhd (TP : RM5.00) and MMC Corporation Bhd (TP : RM3.11) will be able to withstand the tailwind.


Bursa Malaysia Stocks
FRIDAY 11/11/2016
Past October, FBMKLCI Index remain Weak & average volume <RM1.5b per day,
Latest Currency exchange is RM4.33

Ringgit weaken, whole new STOCK PICKS, not glove not furniture
Again, Ringgit weaken again, you will hear again those USD stock suggestion by your friends, analyst and blogs, they will suggest you to buy hevea, liihen, homeriz , latitude,topglove, supermax and etc.. you can try to follow but remember 1 thing is that those stocks have gone up a lot since last time ringgit was weaken to RM4.40. Those stocks maybe still undervalue, unless you are confident with their growth, I think there is no much “meat” already.
Now, I would suggest another exportation sector: Plantation
*cepat mhc results already out, very good results.
There are many more,
Notice that some are negative profit company, but they have high chances to turnover, I only help you to filter out few plantations, do your own homework.

Airasia & AAX :
AAX is a very tricky stock, pump up dump down and manipulated by a group of syndicate just to wash you out, for those who want to hold it and wait for the result, can try to find an entry point whenever the syndicate is trying to wash players by dumping down again.
The upcoming results are expected to have significant growth in 3QFY16 due to strong demand
Traders have opportunities to perform in AAX and few AAX call warrants such as AAX-cu cv c1 c2 cx…, fast in fast out
Retailers may try to hold airasia, it might hit above RM3
Investors are expected to sell it after 3QFY16 due to passenger service arges effective next year


BursaKakis Channel :
CIMB Trading Ideas 11/11/2016

1) Gadang
2) Scicom

Kindly refer to charts posted in BKs Channel.

PetChem, Westports, KKB Engineering, Scan Associates, Scientex, Orion, Daibochi, Sapura Industrial, Shangri-La, DutaLand, TH Heavy and Barakah | The Edge Markets



BursaKakis Channel :
BKs Technical Ideas 11/11/2016

1) RceCap
2) Owg
3) Thplant
4) Affin
5) Daibochi

Kindly refer to charts posted in BKs Channel.

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Logic Trading Analysis Channel:


Dear All,

The FBMKLCI closed little up at +5.12 point or +0.31% to close at 1652.74.

FBMKLCI react positively after DJIA strong closely, however slowly shy off because Foreign Fund start to run back to USA.

DJIA future remain in positive, showing positive sign of Trump policy towards stock market. However it’s just the beginning, more are coming from Trump, so we wont know later stock market will fall again or not. Don’t break 18000.

Yesterday we mention we highly focus on stock below:
EKOVEST, WCT, PESONA, AAX, AIRASIA and all Meletup super big. Congrats if you ride on.

Welcome to our channel :
https://telegram.me/ltachannel !

Feed one mice fat, will return more mice ask from you this Friday !

“Goreng Tetap Goreng” !
Yours Sincerely,
Logic Trading Analysis]

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