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M+ Online Morning Buzz – 21Nov16

Dow Jones: 18,867.93 pts (-35.89pts, -0.19%)
Wall Street retreated as the Dow fell 0.2% from near record high level, on profit taking activities ahead of the holiday-shortened trading week.

FBM KLCI: 1,623.80 pts (-2.97pts, -0.18%)
The FBM KLCI extended its losses for the third straight session after the local currency sank to 10-months low against the US Dollar. The immediate support level is located around the 1,610 level.

Crude Palm Oil: RM2,869 (-RM7, -0.24%)
Crude palm oil prices closed marginally lower and posted its biggest weekly decline since July 2016. The RM3,000 level will serve as the immediate resistance level.

WTI Crude Oil: $45.69 (+$0.12, +0.26%)
Crude oil prices rebounded, recording its first weekly gains in four weeks. Crude oil prices might continue to hover between US$43-US$46 levels.

Gold: $1,207.89 (-$8.57, -0.69%)
Gold prices slipped for the third straight session after demand was hurt by expectations of interest rate hike in December. The US$1,200 level will serve as the immediate support level.

Bursa Malaysia Trade Statistics – 18Nov16
Institutions: Net BUY 186.5 mln (53.0%)
Retail: Net SELL 15.2 mln (16.0%)
Foreign: Net SELL 171.3 mln (31.0%)

Potential Momentum Stocks – 21Nov16
Stock Name: MAHSING (8583)
Entry: Buy above RM1.560
Target: RM1.65 (5.8%), RM1.70 (9.0%)
Stop: RM1.49 (-4.5%)
Shariah: Yes
Technical: Monitor for breakout

Stock Name: GESHEN (7197)
Entry: Buy above RM1.760
Target: RM1.95 (10.8%), RM2.10 (19.3%)
Stop: RM1.64 (-6.8%)
Shariah: Yes
Technical: Breakout-pullback-continuation

Source: Bloomberg, M+ Online

[11/21, 7:20 AM] Rosdi maybank: Reuters-Arguing over politics is a Thanksgiving Day tradition, but Donald Trump’s presidential election adds a new twist to any bickering at next week’s holiday dinner table: What the new U.S. government could mean for your stock portfolio.

Trump’s shock victory last Tuesday sent investors scrambling to change bets predicated on a win by Hillary Clinton, leading to huge stock increases in industries including banks, biotech and construction.

The Dow Jones industrials rallied for seven days and set new record highs, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite also were near all-time peaks.

After the initial repositioning from the Trump trade, however, investors may require details or clarity about tax-cutting or spending plans from the new administration to keep momentum going in those stocks.

“As news comes out in terms of who fills what positions and the likelihood of different legislative and executive initiatives … that has the potential to have an impact on the market,” said Bucky Hellwig, senior vice president at BB&T Wealth Management in Birmingham, Alabama.

Trading volume is expected to be sparse next week around Thursday’s Thanksgiving market holiday and Friday’s shortened session, so reactions to political events, such as Trump revealing more cabinet nominees including for Secretary of Treasury or State, could spark an outsized move in equities.
[11/21, 8:34 AM] Rosdi maybank: investment consultant:
Bursa Malaysia Stocks
Monday 21/11/2016

Latest Currency exchange is RM4.41

Strategy to turn your bad positions in the stock market to the winning one

This month hot topic is all about the effect of after United State election and Ringgit is weaken, some people might have decided to stay away from stock market due to many uncertainties in near future, while certain group of people who has strong holding power, able to withstand share prices drop because they are invest in long term, doing nothing to save their current paper loss position. These two group of people I respect your decisions making. But, If you notice properly, market always give you opportunity to make money, in this bad market, whenever a stock is in hot discussion, its volume and price are even more volatile because there is nothing else to look after except this stock), this is the only stock everyone is focusing. If you do not understand what I mean, which I mean, read back my article on:

6/11/16, focus cold eye hot pick out of 30 http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/bbcstock/108117.jsp

If your portfolio isn’t favour current market sentiment, you can read my article on:

14/11/16, guide you to hedge and readjust your portfolio : http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/bbcstock/108699.jsp

Our Ringgit, making our buying power getting weaker and weaker, could you affort the Import product in future? Iphone 8 pricing at RM4500?

11/11/2016,You can Long the exportations, plantations


With these 3 quick tips I recommended, you can start planning and make the right move!



Additional HOTSTOCKS: Digista, Prestarian, opensys, Solution.

Market News Roundup

1⃣ The government had given its nod to PRESTARIANG to implement a government-led border transformation programme at an estimated cost of RM3.54b.

Financial Result Highlight

PINTARAS saw its net profit for 1QFY17 rise by close to double to RM13.2m (8.1 sen/share), attributed the higher profitability to increased construction activities and higher progress profits recognised from ongoing projects.

IOI CORP returned to the black after posting its 1Q net profit of RM104.8m, on higher income from its upstream and downstream oil palm operations.

IBRACO’s net profit in 3QFY16 slipped 61.1% to RM4.36m, as revenue retreated due to a change in product mix.

GC B’s net profit for 3QFY16 contracted 28.6% to RM15.48m, dragged down by lower net gain on forex arising from the weakening of the MYR against the USD & GBP.

Due to higher costs of sales as well as increased selling and marketing expenses, BP PLASTICS saw its net profit in 3QFY16 decline by 48.9% to RM3.05m.

Sources: theedgemarkets.com ; thestar.com

21st November,2016 Markets Roundup

DJIA : 18,867.93 (-35.89)
S&P500 : 2,181.90 (-5.22)
NASDAQ : 5,321.51 (-12.46)
VIX : 12.85 (-0.50)
Most US stocks slipped after a post-election rally took benchmark gauges to record levels on speculation that interest rates will rise amid expectations for brisker economic growth.

FTSE : 6,775.77 (-18.94)
DAX : 10,664.56 (-20.98)
CAC 40 : 4,504.35 (-23.42)
European equities ended lower, with mining and energy stocks bearing the brunt of the sell off after commodities prices slipped following a rally in the dollar.

SHANGHAI : 3,193.27 (-15.18)
HSI : 22,344.21 (+81.33)
China stocks slid, as energy and transport shares shed some recent gains.
HK stocks rose, but posted weekly loss amid worries the US will raise interest rates next month and a strong dollar could keep drawing money there from emerging markets.

Nikkei : 17,967.41 (+104.78)
Shares in Tokyo climbed into a bull market, as a sustained pullback in the yen against the dollar helped investors regain confidence in equity returns for export-reliant Japan.

KLCI : 1,623.80 (-2.97)
Bursa Malaysia remained in the red on lack of buying support in the absence of positive market leads while the ringgit lost ground.

WTI : 45.59 (+0.17)
Brent : 46.81 (+0.32)
Oil caped the first weekly gain after OPEC member Algeria said the group’s meeting with Russia gave it confidence a deal can be reached to re-balance global markets.

GOLD : 1,207.90 (-9.00)
Gold hit its lowest since late May as the dollar surged to a near 14-year peak.

USD/MYR : 4.4165
EUR/MYR : 4.6765
GBP/MYR : 5.4520
AUD/MYR : 3.2391
HKD/MYR : 0.5694
SGD/MYR : 3.0966
USD/JPY : 110.90
Msia 10 yr Bond Yield : 4.359%
US 10 yr Bond Yield : 2.348%

Retail (16.0%) – net SELL RM15.3M
Institution (53.0%) – net BUY RM186.5M
Foreign (31.0%) – net SELL RM171.3M
Total traded value RM1.514B

Sources: investing.com, cnbc.com, reuters.com, bloomberg.com, barrons.com, klsescreener.com, theedgemarkets.com & thestar.com


The Bursa Analyst Channel:
Monday, 21-11-2016
After Trump’s victory, the US DJIA has beed bullish since, and maybe some of you can consider to start investing in US stocks, can gain on FOREX and CAPITAL gains.

KLCI is to remain weak for the timebeing, however the selling pressure is decreasing and I am seeing a rebound or reversal soon. The selling pressure from foreign fund is beginning to decrease although they have approximately pulled out 2Billion from our market. The amount of foreign fund is also decreasing. The rebound/reversal play on KLCI will soon start as window dressing will also be a factor for the rebound.

OPEC meeting is on 30 November and this will be a interesting meeting. From my view, I think the reduction of OIL supply will be successful. Oil prices are trading around 44-46 level last week. The attention on Oil and Gas counters are still not threre.

USD/MYR however was very bad despite measures taken by BNM. The USD/MYR is currently at 4.41 level. We will see export theme again, like déjà vu… back to 2014. Give some attention at Hevea as the QR will be out soon.

Long term stocks:


Stocks to watch this week 21 November to 25 November are:




SAPRES: 0.965. Monitor for breakout at 0.985. Tp1: 1.03, Tp2:1.09.


WCT: Watch for closing breakout of 1.95. Support 1.86. TP1: 2.02 TP2: 2.14


ECONBHD (construction): Cutloss 1.79, Trailing stop:1.82(closing). TP 2.0, Tp2: 2.15


KIMLUN (construction): support 2.12, TP 2.26 (touched). (bullish counter). TP2: 2.32.

Update: Add TS: 2.15


MIECO: (export) CutLoss 1.0. TP:1.14 (achieved). TP2:1.25. Trailing Stop: 1.11


HEVEA: (export + GOOD QR soon): Support 1.19, TP1: 1.41 tp2:1.51


TOPGLOVE: watch out for breakout of 5.32. Tp1: 5.45, Long term TP: 6.5. Cut loss: 5.12

JAYCORP: Breakout with volume. Will be very crasy. TP1:1.67 Tp2: SKY IS THE LIMIT

AIRASIA: Breakout and will go back to 2.85. Cut if close lower than 2.65


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Logic Trading Analysis Channel:


Dear All,

The FBMKLCI closed lower at -2.97 point or -0.18% to close at 1623.80.

FBMKLCI last week rebound and correction sideways, if can rebound higher again then would be nicer. Bad move if further down, then will greatly impact trading sentiment.

DJIA still sideways at peak, high chance to break 19000, if fail and watefall down, then will be pretty damage to all market. Especially December lots event, hopefully year end window dressing do able to reduce any bad impact.

We see lot’s poor result last week, hopefully in coming week we can see a few more stock like IQGROUP can maintain and do well.

Welcome to our live channel :
https://telegram.me/ltachannel !

Learn whatever good we can, no matter from an idiot or gurus this Monday !

“Goreng Tetap Goreng” !

Yours Sincerely,
Logic Trading Analysis

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