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Dear All,
The FBMKLCI closed higher at +0.70 point or +0.04% to close at 1668.27.
FBMKLCI remain stable after rebound, now waiting to see BUDGET 2017 able to kick market higher or in another way round.
DJIA also nothing special yet and today will be last US PRESIDENT DEBATE, let’s watch the show and see which President win will have what kind of possible policy made that will affect whole world.
Stock we see further up are like: AAX, AIRASIA, TUNEPRO, DNEX, YEELEE and many more.
The market is full of swing, if have time monitor still got some opportunity around!
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You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it this Thursday! !
“Goreng Tetap Goreng” !
Yours Sincerely,
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The Trusted Bursa Analyst:
Thursday 20/10/2016:

Hot or Cold market surely theres stock which move. Some give live calls and trap others, while others are genuine. All in all, stock market is a zero sum game always remember that. Always make your own decision and take your own risk, as they say TAYOR !!

World market sentiment seems to be getting better, always seize the opportunity while it is there. The ringgit seems to be strengthening against the USD. Oil prices seems to be going higher. Despite Oil price rallying , trade good oil counters such as (SKPETROL, HIBISCS, PETRONM,ARMADA,) DON’T TRADE Those shit companies like PERISAI, already dying, got what ever is left just take don’t hope for miracle. (trade PERISAI CONFIRM LOSE MONEY).

Budget on 2017, stock market rallying. Budget seems to be focusing on:
Construction for Infrastructure such as HSR, MRTs LRTs, Public school, Public stuffs, to gain more voters.
Technology with the WAWASAN 2020 VISION coming up ! remember Internet Of Things : KESM INARI , MYEG (MYEG closed with a new high), IQGROUP

Stocks to watch 20/10/2016:

Pesona: Buy on breakout 0.43. Support 0.415, TP 0.50. Volume start to come in and seems like something is going on.

Yeelee : Support 2.28, Tp:2.36

Komark : Support 0.33, Tp: 0.355

Mflour-WA: Support 0.165. Monitor tp trade.

TEMPTATION Thursday before budget 2017. KLCI So tempted to erect to 1670 !

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